Since this week it is possible to have a WordPress SSD VPS starting at € 59,- a month.
This smallest server we offer, Single WordPress VPS , has 2 cores, 4 GB of memory, a storage of 20 GB and is intended for one website. In total we offer four VPS variants.


  • Single WordPress VPS : max. 1 WordPress website / 2 cores / 4 GB memory / 20 GB storage / 1000 GB data traffic (€ 59, – excluding VAT per month)

  • 5 WordPress VPS : up to 5 WordPress websites / 2 cores / 4 GB memory / 60 GB storage / 3000 GB data traffic (€ 89, – excluding VAT per month)

  • Pro WordPress VPS : no max. number of WordPress websites * / 2 cores / 4 GB memory / 140 GB storage / 5000 GB data traffic (€ 125, – excluding VAT per month)

  • Ultra WordPress VPS : no max. number of WordPress websites * / 4 cores / 8 GB memory / 275 GB storage / 10000 GB data traffic (€ 199, – excluding VAT per month)

    For the updating of WordPress, plugins and template, security and malware removal, you don’t pay the normal price of € 20,- excl. VAT per month, but only €15.91 excl. VAT per WordPress installation.
    Both WordPress and HTML websites can be hosted on these servers. A managed hosting package is not required with HTML websites.
    For the packages without a maximum number of WordPress websites: there is a soft limit regarding the number of WP installations you can install. This because of the possible performance issues. The maximum number of installations depends on the number of visitors, the number of installations, the number of plugins and the template etc.

    The minimum contract period is 1 year and is auto renewed each year. A shorter contract duration is in consultation. The notice period is 1 month.
    The delivery time of a VPS is in consultation, but we need a maximum of 3 working days to set the server up for you.
    The servers are managed by Milcraft and MooijWerkt. The VPSs are available in the Dutch 24/7 monitored and secured data centers of The Data Center Group in Amsterdam and Delft.

    If you have any questions, you can always mail to or call 0172-897789